Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

Does this keep my band from coming undone?

Yes, this makes sure the clasp will stay in place, as the design of the clip doesn’t allow it to move from side to side. Back to top

How easy is it to put on?

Very easy, all you do is snap it into place and slide it towards the clasp. Back to top

What colors do they come in?

Currently only in black. Back to top

Does this cover any of the sensors on the UP band?

No, it only covers your clasp from becoming undone, it does not interfere with sensors or usability of your fitness band. Back to top

Does this slide off the clasp?

No, it doesn’t slide, it stays in place. Back to top

Will these work on all UP models bands?

Activity Clippy works with the UP2, UP3, and UP4. Back to top

Do I need to glue it?

Absolutely not, you can easily take it off and clip it back onto the band. Back to top

What is it made out of?

ABS plastic, a very durable material, LEGOs are made out of the same plastic. Back to top

What if it doesn't fit on my band?

Contact us directly and we'll figure out the problem. Returns are accepted. Back to top